[NEWS] U-Kiss Kim Kibum shares his feelings, claims to be kicked out of group

U-Kiss Kim Kibum shares his feelings, claims to be kicked out of group

Former U-Kiss member Kim Kibum recently confessed his feelings about leaving the team.

“I didn’t quit, they canceled my contract,” said Kim Kibum in a phone conversation with Newsen on the 23rd. Kibum added, “the agency first told us they are going to replace two members. They demanded me to sign an agreement on canceling my contract, so I did.”

Kibum was puzzled about the news that said he had quit the group. “I feel sorry to our fans,” said Kibum.

Kibum posted a long tweet to his fans:
That tweet began with, “안녕하세요 유키스 기범, 아니 정확히는 유키스로 활동했던 김기범입니다/ Hello, I am U-Kiss Kibum, no, I was U-Kiss Kim Kibum.”

Kibum says he didn’t voluntarily quit U-Kiss to focus on his Piro Piro character business but was required to sign the contract cancellation agreement and leave the group. Kibum says his business never distracted him from his U-Kiss activites and prioritized U-Kiss over anything else.

“가족같이 아니 그 이상으로 멤버들을 생각해왔습니다 이렇게 헤어지게 된것이 정말 섭섭한 마음이지만 제가 모자란 부분이 많아 유키스에 교체가 필요할 것이라는 전 소속사의 의견또한 존중하는 바입니다 / I thought of the members like my family…no, more than that. I’m so sad to say good-bye to them like this but I do respect the agency’s decision to replace me with someone better.”

Kibum thanked his fans and promised that he’ll continue to appear on air by himself as both a talent and business man.

This was also the case for member Alexander. “I did leave U-Kiss,” said Alexander on the phone with Newsen. “But it wasn’t because of school like they stated.”

U-Kiss’s agency NH Media will be replacing Kim Kibum and Alexander with new members, believing that it will strengthen the group vocals and bring about a change to U-Kiss.

Source: Newsen + @90KKB , Allkpop


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