The Romantic Idol Version already Aired at November 11th ,2012 ^^

The 8 idol who participate this reality show is JB JJProject,Jei Fiestar,Jun.
K 2pm,Jihyun 4minute,Hyungsik ZEA,Hyejeong AOA,Mir Mblaq and Seungah Rainbow.

I have watch this reality show for 12times since yesterday i download it >,<

I really really love this reality show.. this is the real reality show about love..

I have watch The romantic that cast is 2days 1night casts..

This is not like WGM… absolutely NOT!

this is more more real story and no script here,the idol free to express what they feel here,because tvN blocked access of manager.. so the idol not really afraid to do what they want… i know that the idol more scare with netizen lol but i think they really will express what they feel here. ( i really like this.. tvN jjang! XD)

I’ll tell you little bit.. that they don’t know who will be their couple at first meet.

The tvN staff shown the idol scene date of drama… and the idol choose it.

At first time they meet couple by scene drama they choose.

Hyungsik and Jihyun choose place in cinema

Jei and Jun.K choose place train

Mir and Hyejeong choose to meet in zebra cross (?)

JB and Seungah choose to meet in cafe

they only choose the place and choose same place it means will be their couple xD

but in the romantic & idol.. the couples are not fixed.. so they can change their couple ^^

interesting right?

here is the 1st episode of The Romantic & Idol ( No English Sub)

until now, I haven’t see Full English Sub of this Reality Show..

But I find enewsworld..

They are helping us with their Recap ^^

They will do recap for every episode..

Fyi,their RE-CAP so detailed ^^

For ep 1 they already don the Recap and you can read it here :

[ReCap] The Romantic & Idol ep 1

cr: recap link from enewsworld

video credit :


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