My Blah Blah Part 2 (about pledis boys = nuest and seventeen )

Lately,On twitter I spazzing alot about NUEST and SEVENTEEN (pledis upcoming boygroup)

For NUEST I am not really new about them.. bcs i know them since they are appear on Happy Pledis MV.  After they are debut,I watch their Landing Operation but it stop at 2nd eps…

And I continue watch it 2 week ago and this make me wanna know more about them!

I am totally fangirling about them now…

When I saw Happy Pledis MV,I really interest with Jonghyun ,Doyoon and Seungcheol.

But sadly NUEST debut with 5 members T_____T so no Doyoon and Seungcheol on it.

Its okay…. there is Jonghyun on NUEST .

 Jonghyun be my biased on NUEST and I really ship Jren ><

Little bit crazy but its true hahahha.. Jren so real ><

I know Pledis going to debuted new boygroup,it called TEMPEST… at that time the line up members is Seungcheol , Doyoon,Yusang,Jihoon and Youngwoon and they are supposed to debut on mid of 2012.. but not long ago I don’t heard any news about them and I heard pledis going to debuting new boygroup called 17 and the group will have 17 members. I little bit disappointed bcs I can’t see Seungcheol and Doyoon to debut soon T_T I heard Tempest member all moved to 17.
But nothing confirmed yet from pledis….. so let’s wait then.

Pledis also make 17tv to make fans know more about the members. But….. the line up still no confirmation. PD-nim said on 17tv there are possible member and not fixed yet.

They are scheduled to debut on February but…. it delayed to be June or August.


There is member of 17  :

1. Kim Mingyu(1997)


2. Jeon Wonwoo(1996)


3. Soonyoung(1996)


4. Hansol(1998)


5. Samuel(2002)

600372_204843779639667_1646436920_n (1)

6. Bu Seungkwan(1998)


7. Lee Jihoon(1996)


8. Ming Ming(1997)


9. Junhui / Jerry (1996)


10. Lee Chan(1999)


11. Seokmin(1997)


12. Seungcheol(1995)


13. Jang DoYoon(1995)


14. Dongjin(2000) < new face.. appear on 17tv Season 2 ‘Finding Music Friends’ .


15. Hong Jisoo / Joshua Hong (1995)


 there is also rumoured that these people will be added to 17:

1. Na Youngwon


2. Lee Taehwan (1994)


3. Yusang (1995)


Currently they are have show named 17tv. Every Wednesday 19pm KST and Saturday 14pm KST (Finding Music Friends)

Here is the link you can stream :

For now my favorite members is Seungcheol , Mingyu , Wonwoo , Doyoon , Seungkwan , Jihoon , Samuel , Seokmin , Hansol and Soonyoung and Leechan

WOW alot!!! LOL

Tbh I still don’t know bias….. they are all my bias (?) /slapped/

Rumoured 17 will debut separate in 3 country : korea , china and japan.

So far I could predict what line some of them.

Soonyoung and Jihoon : Main Dancer

Mingyu,Hansol,Seungcheol : Rapper

Seokmin & Seungkwan : Main Vocal

And for the other I still don’t know lolololol~

Let’s wait again hahahha ..

But I impressed by Samuel. He is still young but he really good at dancing ^^

I hope they will debuted very very soon ^^

I already wait so long(?) hahaha

Not too long for 17 but so long for Doyoon and Seungcheol T_T

[ You know I am not only waiting 17 to debut ,  I also already waiting woollim upcoming girlgroup to debut since June 2011 T_______________T and for woollim girlgroup the line up really really just rumour and nothing confirmed. So I just wait and wait even my bias already left woollim :’) I never talk about Woollim girlgroup here bcs I think there’s no confirmation members yes maybe untill now just baby soul and jiae that confirmed lol so I still can’t talk about it. I won’t spread rumour. ^^ hahaha.. but I really hope they’ll debut very very soon this year maybe (?)  ]

Ok.. end of my blah blah part 2 then xDD
(credis to 7teenworld ; pledisboys )


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